Tall Ships - Lady Washington and Moon (aka Interceptor from Pirates of the Caribbean)

We heard the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean was in town and went to see
her. She was docked at Humphries Restaurant on
the Sacramento River Delta in Antioch. Humphries was named for the whale
that swam up the delta. The food isn't bad but is a tad expensive for what
it is. The restaurant does have a good view of the Delta.

The ship is a remake of the original Lady Washington which was a 90 ton
merchant sloop which sailed around Cape Horn. This replica was built in
1989 and is the official ship of Washington state. If you have a mind to
you can sign on to her crew for up to several months. From what I hear, you
pay some and you have to carry your weight or walk the plank. Some
vacation. Much shorter tours of duty are also available to those willing
to try their hand at an old profession. And if you want for around $50 you
can take a 3 hour tour. We got to go down in her hull and I was shocked by
the cramped spaces. She wasn't much bigger inside than a small RV but then
we didn't get to see the whole ship. This version does have a contemporary
motor. She was also used in the Star Trek Generations movie at the
beginning of the movie. Both movies make her look much larger than she
really is. No matter, she is more graceful on the water than many ships.

She often sails with the Hawaiian Chieftain up and down the Pacific Coast.
You can view her schedule at www.ladywashington.org

© Darvin Atkeson

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