Carlotta 1937

In August 1937 the Bourne family cruised Carlotta around England shooting a home movie of their voyage.

An agreement was signed June 23, 1899 between the boatbuilder William H. Halford of Gloucester England and the Cumberland Sea Fishery Committee to build a 'Police Boat' or 'Protection Cutter' for the use of Officers to patrol the fisheries in the Cumberland area.

Halford's yard had previously built at least three Bristol Channel pilot cutters, including the St. Bee's and the Britannia. Unlike many other pilot boats that sported an offset bowsprit, Halford's pilot boats were unique in featuring a bowsprit that housed directly over a raked stem. The new boat was to be built to the same scantlings, materials, design and layout as the Halford pilot boats.

As work progressed there was some difficulty in getting Lloyd's to perform a scheduled survey of the boat going together. The Cumberland Sea Fishery wanted someone to report frequently on the progress of the yard and the task was given to a Mr.E Brinkworth - a retired Pilot who worked as the Dockmaster in Gloucester. On November 15, 1899 the boat was launched and Christened The Solway. It measured 50' long on deck, 13' beam, 8' draft and 28 Tons.

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