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Technical data for the Kiellegung 1902:

Length waterline 36.0 m / Beam 8.2 m / 4.7 m height / 2.8 m Draft / Displacement 407 m / 3

Data 2008:

Length waterline 42.0 m / Beam 8.2 m / 4.7 m height / Draft max. 3.50 m / 570 m displacement empty / 3,
32 m mast, sail area 800 m / 2, total length 57.0 m

Auxiliary diesel V8 MAN 220 KVA, supplies 90 kVA Diesel Progress, auxiliary diesel Isuzu 30 kVA, 15 kVA Deutz Notdiesel.
Main Engine MWM RS 143, Built around 1942, max. 965 hp

3 x air compressors for starting 30 bar, hot steam cleaner 600 bar, dive compressor 200 bar, 1 low-pressure compressor Atlas Coopco, machine oil separator, bilge-oil separator, seawater desalination plant, UPS 20 KW three-phase current, 2 fire pumps permanently installed, 2 portable fire pumps. 1 independent bilge pump 20 kW, heating 40 kW, Hydraulikkran 3.5 tonnes
1 plasma welding machine 400 A, 1 electric welding machine 600 A, both are fixed.

5 islands a rescue 25 people, 2 board certified pharmacies, 2 x SCBA, 175 life jackets, night lights, distress rockets,
2 MOB Lanzen, life rings, 1 aluminum dinghy, unsinkable, self, length 5.2 m, 1 portable generator 220 V, 1 portable generator 24 V. 18 fire extinguishers, 3 of which are CO2, extinguishing system engine room and auxiliary diesel space CO2 Minimax, Minimax fire detection system, bilge water alarms, CO2 alarm.

2 x VHF DSC, 3 x VHF mobile, 2 x VHF GMDSS, 1x flight Icom radio, Inmarsat-C Thrane & Thrane, 2 radar transponders, Epirb 1 x, 1 x Navtex, 2 x echo sounder, 1 x magnetic compass, 1 x fluxgate compass, compass 1 x GPS, 2 x GPS, radar 48 SM, 2 navigation computer with UPS, 1 x Autopilot, 1 Kw receiver, 1 UPS for machine control, rear view camera.
For the first, 1871 on Jade designed wooden Außenjade had FS because of poor construction in a replacement contract be given. 1902 was experienced Meyer Werft Papenburg the contract for the construction of dreimastigen iron fire-ship, then the 1903 as Außenjade on the position 53 ° 52 'North and 7 ° 57 `East was set up.

The ship was built in the years 1931 / 32 modernized and extended by 5.5 meters. In addition, it received a driving machine and a Mittelklüse in the stem (Hot Lips). As a result, that the ship no longer, as hitherto before a Seitenklüse coming from the station chain is needed and thus in danger in case of bad weather situation for the ship and came chain.
On 27 October 1936 came the fire ship into an extremely dangerous situation. The days since the storm was prevailing at hurricane strength from the West. The Ebbstrom turned the ship into a bank on the lake and a aussergewöhnlch high and very heavy seas pushed the leeward totally under water. Furthermore, the Sturzsee the starboard side of the anchor capstans smashed. The vessel and crew were able only from the dangerous situation to be liberated by the anchor chain slippte. With the use of machinery and storm sails, the crew succeeded in dramatic circumstances, the ship despite heavy seas and storm on track to get to the Weser and the lighthouse Hoheweg anchoring. At the same time, capsized in the fire of the Elbe estuary ship "O` Swald mayor "and went with the whole crew lost.
During the 2nd World War, the ship's fire Aussenjade as "D" to the west of the Red Sand Lighthouse. It was on 30 March 1945 at the Spier equipment of the navy yard Wilhelm Harbor sunk by bomb hits.
After the war the ship was lifted and the Beckmann shipyard repaired. On 12 December 1951nahm ship its new space on the station P8 in the German Bight On.
On 15 November, the station canceled and the ship in the new traffic separation zone in the German Bight as
TW / Ems used.
On 13 March 1978 was the ship from service. The ship was then for 1 D-Mark at a club "sold". Various clubs and owners left the ship completely dilapidated but until then several years in the Hamburg harbor front dümpelte out. In June 2000 we bought the boat and after much work, effort and money to sail again as a three Sunthorice master.

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