Kent-Bowsprit.jpg (602×460)
Rockwell Kent
Wood Engraving, 1930
5 3/4 in. x 6 7/8 in. (146 mm x 175 mm)
Edition of 120
Catalogue Reference: Jones 56

New Classic Schooner Designed by William Fife III, Shamrock, Thomas Lipton, America's Cup, Sunshine, Peter Wood

121 feet Replica Classis Schooner

Designed by William Fife III. in the year 1900 - Built 2004
bowsprit.anchor.800.jpg (94587 bytes)
LOA 121 feet - 36.85 meter. LOD 104 feet - 31.7 meter. Beam 19 feet - 5.60 meter. - Draft 11 feet - 3.6 meter
Displacement 80 tonnes. Steel hull. Teak deck. Spruce spars.
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The Bowline Knot

from animatedknots.com


The Bowsprit

Plate 36

The Bowsprit is represented in full length in Plate 36. At the side the bees are shown extending from the cap to the housing, or where the octagonal form commences.
The parts marked 2 are of iron, and to them shackle the hearts for the inner, middle, and cap bob-stays.
The bowsprit cap is iron-bound. To an eye-bolt on the lower side is hooked the dolphin-striker.
Above the strap for the middle bobstay is an eye-bolt, to which hooks the whisker, 3.
Next outside is a sheave for the fore-topmast stay. An iron strap marked 1, containing a heavy, solid thimble, is for the fore-stay. There is one on each side.
Eye-bolts are represented on top of the bees, for bowline blocks, 4.
The eyes to which shackle hearts for bowsprit shrouds are not represented.


Tall Ships Stad Amsterdam

Tall Ships Stad Amsterdam
Originally uploaded by Willie Waw

End of season

End of season
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Cobweb in the earlymorning light of a nice october day is a clear sign that the end of the sailing season is near.


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Statenjacht showing its bluff bow with a red lion figurehead.
Lions symbolised power. Between its forelegs the lion shows the arms of the city of Utrecht, the former owner of this impressive vessel.

three mast schooner

three mast schooner
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Dutch schooner steady sailing on the IJsselmeer


Holtenau 2009

Holtenau 2009
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Kieler Förde

La Granvillaise

La Granvillaise
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La Granvillaise is a bisquine, a traditional fishing boat from Granville, Normandie, France. It can fly up to 8 sails. The extreme currents in the region made this necessary.
In the background the outlines of  Mont Saint Michel are visible on the horizon.

Rumregatta 2009

Rumregatta 2009
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1993 Tuiga

REF : EKT_0210
1993 Tuiga - 35mm Slide by Jacques Vapillon

Dhows 47' - Abu Dhabi 2007

REF : U5U0207_3797
Dhows 47' - Abu Dhabi 2007 - Digital file by Jacques Vapillon

1996 Onboard the Granvillaise

REF : EKT_0801
1996 Onboard the Granvillaise by Jacques Vapillon

1993 Plan William Fife - Tuiga

REF : EKT_0308
1993 Plan William Fife - Tuiga - 35mm Slide by Jacques Vapillon

1995 Creole -Nioulargue- St Tropez

REF : EKT_0725
1995 Creole -Nioulargue- St Tropez - 35mm Slide by Jacques Vapillon


REF : EKT_0722
1995 Nioulargue - St Tropez - 35mm Slide
Jacques Vapillon



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Taken from the Grace Bailey schooner, boats depart the overnight mooring where they rafted-up together.



Barque Europa

Free Slideshow on Tall Ship Barque Europa voyage to Antarctica, accross Southern Ocean to South Georgia & Tristan Da Cuhna by Debbie at St Mawes Sailing Club (above the post office) this Thurs 18th Feb. 7pm nibbles in the bar 7.30 start.

offical site barkeuropa.com