The Bowsprit

Plate 36

The Bowsprit is represented in full length in Plate 36. At the side the bees are shown extending from the cap to the housing, or where the octagonal form commences.
The parts marked 2 are of iron, and to them shackle the hearts for the inner, middle, and cap bob-stays.
The bowsprit cap is iron-bound. To an eye-bolt on the lower side is hooked the dolphin-striker.
Above the strap for the middle bobstay is an eye-bolt, to which hooks the whisker, 3.
Next outside is a sheave for the fore-topmast stay. An iron strap marked 1, containing a heavy, solid thimble, is for the fore-stay. There is one on each side.
Eye-bolts are represented on top of the bees, for bowline blocks, 4.
The eyes to which shackle hearts for bowsprit shrouds are not represented.

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