En ze varen één voor één voorbij...
And they fly one over ...
by Aline21 ( All rights reserved)
offical web site: http://aline21.web-log.nl/aline21/2009/06/fotos-botterwed.html


  1. @ Tulûlat would be nice to ask be before you post it and all my work is © protected... So I Would like a link by the picture that is ©Aline21 and more can be found: http://aline21.web-log.nl/aline21/2009/06/fotos-botterwed.html

    En volgende keer EERST vragen graag... Alle rechten zijn van mij en dat staat ook bij de foto's dat hergebruik niet is toegestaan...

  2. Last Warning, please remove my picture of your site. You do not have my permission. If you do not remove it I will report this to Blogger!

  3. I have asked Blogger to look into this... I did not give you permission to use my work, You have never asked if you could post this... I want my picture removed from your site!!