Mir and Sedov in race start at Falmouth

STS Mir (RussianМир, meaning World or Peace) is a three-masted, full rigged Sail Training Ship, based in St. PetersburgRussia. She was built in 1987 at the Lenin Shipyard in GdańskPoland.

Mir is the second largest of six sister ships designed by Zygmunt Choreń and weighs 2,385 tonnes. She is 109.2 metres long, with a beam of 13.9 m and a draught of 6.3 m. The main mast is 52 m high and along with the other masts supports a total sail area of 2,771 m2.

Her sister ships are Dar MłodzieżyDruzhbaPalladaKhersones and Nadezhda. Mir is 8 m shorter than the longest current sailing ship, the Sedov (117.5 m).

This ship was originally constructed as a cadet training ship, designed for carrying between 70 and 144 cadets. 

The total transport capacity is 199 people. In addition to the original training role, Mir now also offers sailing trips, daytrips and "cruises" between ports on a commercial basis; opening up the experience of sailing on Mir to those outside of Russia.

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