Bluenose II

Bluenose II
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Her daughter, Bluenose II, was launched at Lunenburg on July 24, 1963, built to original plans by many of the same workers. She cost $208,600 to build and was financed by the Oland Family as a marketing tool for their brewery operations in Halifax and Saint John. Her popularity led to her being sold to the government of Nova Scotia which in turn gave possession of the ship to the "Bluenose II Preservation Trust". The trust's mandate was to restore the aging and poorly maintained ship to full operational status and to operate her for the people of Nova Scotia. Over the winter of 1994-95 the trust restored the ship’s hull, leading to her being recommissioned in May 1995. The trust maintained and operated Bluenose II until 31 March 2005, when the government of Nova Scotia placed the vessel under the management of the Lunenburg Marine Museum Society.
The Bluenose II serves as a goodwill ambassador, tourist attraction in Lunenburg, and symbol of the province. During the summer, she visits ports all around Nova Scotia and frequently sails to other ports on the eastern seaboard.
In honour of her predecessor, Bluenose II does not officially race.
Bluenose II's mainsail measures 386 m² (4,155 ft²) and she has a total sail area of 1036 m² (11,150 ft²).
Funds for the operation of the ship are raised through charging for passage on the vessel, public donations, and sales in the Fisheries Museum Gift Shop (in Lunenburg), run by the Lunenburg Marine Museum Society.

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